Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Diagnosis Center

Functions to Check Your Machines

AI Diagnosis

Machine learning-based failure diagnosis technology + big data-based information mining, filtering, correlation analysis and processing technologies: More detailed failure information and precise failure locating.

Diagnosis Service

7 days: real-time remote diagnosis
24 hours: diagnosis conclusions
60 minutes: intelligent defect warnings
Explore the pattern of machine failures, and customize diagnosis rules on a case-by-case basis
Multi-tier expert review and regular diagnosis reports

Diagnosis Team

The earliest expert panel on machine monitoring and diagnosis
The most authoritative international vibration analyzer team
The most proficient AI diagnosis algorithm experts

Client Feedback

Deputy General Manager from An Alumina Producer: More

"Previously, we had three shifts (8 hours per shift) and four inspections each day. Now, thanks to past data accumulation, only one inspection is needed for key machines daily. That reduces our burden."

Section Chief from An Automobile Maker: More

"The big data cloud platform for intelligent operation and maintenance of AIC gives our maintenance personnel access to real-time, remote vibration spectra of components and parts. The expert system presents diagnosis results, gives suggestions, and helps us identify the causes of machine failures, thus avoiding and reducing major faults and damages."

Head of the Machine Department from A Steel Maker More

"The online monitoring system of AIC has enabled us to improve operation and maintenance in a more targeted manner. In the inspection system, our employees should clock in when conducting inspections on site, which prevents cheating."

Technical Engineer from A Metro Corporation More

"The AI diagnosis system helps us monitor vibration frequency, speed and other parameters of fans. If parameter values exceed predetermined limits, maintenance staff will be sent to rush repairs to prevent unexpected shutdowns."

Our AIC Training Center provides international vibration analyst training.

We provide vibration analyzer trainings in Chinese in accordance with ISO18436-2, and incorporate such training into the management system to ensure that machine operation and quality acceptance meet higher standards.
Training Experience

30-year machine condition monitoring and diagnosis experience: professional and in-depth presentation of vibration analysis and diagnosis technology.

Course Design

The most up-to-date teaching materials in Chinese include knowledge 50% beyond the ISO18436-2 scope, and combine theory with pragmatism based on the unique Chinese situation.

Algorithm Analysis

Focus on applications of vibration monitor mechanism models of industrial internet and AI algorithm models.

Numerous Cases

Provide 700+ key machine cases from companies across sectors including petroleum and petrochemical, ferrous metallurgy, coal chemical, and electric energy.


ISO Level I Vibration Analyst

No less than 6 months of professional work experience; expertise in machine maintenance strategy, condition monitoring, vibration analysis theory, signal data processing, and primary waveform and spectrum analysis.

ISO Level II Vibration Analyst Training

No less than 18 months of professional work experience; expertise in vibration signal analysis (sideband, harmonic and beat vibration), spectrum analysis (excitation frequency, harmonic and sideband analysis, and alarm setting), advanced vibration analysis (time domain waveform, phase and envelope analysis), and typical machine failure diagnosis (unbalance, misalignment, bearing fault, looseness and resonance).

ISO Level III Vibration Analyst

No less than 36 months of professional work experience; expertise in harmonic analysis, amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, beat vibration, phase analysis, rotor unbalance, shaft misalignment, ODS (motion deflection shape modal analysis), modal analysis, finite element analysis, and in-depth analysis of typical failures.

Potential Trainees

Managers in charge of preventive machine maintenance in industrial businesses
Machine inspectors
Machine maintenance technicians
Undergraduates / graduates majoring in mechanical engineering, mechatronics and power engineering, and anyone interested in machine monitoring and failure diagnosis


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